Christmas comes to Catalan classes

Bringing Catalonian traditions to Birmingham. In Catalonia they find a magic log in the woods, they "feed it" for two to three weeks and then they hit it with sticks whilst singing a song asking the log to poo out all the food in the form of presents, then the log poops out the presents and everyone's happy, well not sure if the log is happy!

Catalan Students at University of Birmingham celebrated the tradition of cagatiĆ³.

Here you can see how we party:


The Centre for Galician Studies and the Centre for Portuguese Studies are organising a Christmas Event for all of their language and culture students. This activity will give students the perfect opportunity to celebrate at this time of year the bonds that connect our two cultures.

Tempo de Magostos 2014

The Centre for Galician Studies will soon be celebrating one of the most popular traditions in Galicia: o Magosto. Every November family and friends get together to take part in this autumn festival and spend time with each other, sing, dance, light bonfires… and eat roasted chestnuts!


The Centre for Galician Studies of the University of Birmingham is pleased to invite you to an interactive talk on animation with the Galician filmmaker and animator Peque Varela. During this event we will watch a selection of her short films and then create a dialogue through which Peque will help us to discover all about the creative process and the thought-provoking topics addressed in her works. 


Basque Language & Culture

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